Mission Statement

Collect and preserve biographical sketches, statistics...historical facts, and reminiscences which are fast fading from memory.

Collect and preserve all available written historical material relating to the history of the Shiawassee County area.

Collect and preserve such information as may be available in the field of genealogy connected with the Shiawassee County area; and to disseminate such information.

Encourage all projects, celebrations and other activities which tend to spread correct information concerning the history of the Shiawassee County area.

Accept gifts of money, historical documents and artifacts, property, grants-in-aid or other monies offered the Society from whatever source.

Engage in activities that promote the purposes and objective of the Society.

The above named objectives shall include the collection of historical relics, museum materials, ancient county newspapers, old church records, private papers, letters, diaries, old pictures and other materials of similar nature.